AlCu Metal Sweden AB

Our Values

We strive to build trust and long-term business relationships through communication and responsible practices. Our goal is to create a culture of collaboration that fosters growth for all parties involved.

Suppliers and customers

We prioritise our suppliers and customers' needs every day. Our behaviour is market oriented and focused on understanding the needs of our partners. We build deep expertise.

  • Communicate in a transparent way with all suppliers and customers to minimize risk for both parties.
  • Share our expertise and knowledge with all suppliers and customers.
  • Take great care of providing the request on time to our suppliers

Society, environment and authorities

We seek to reduce any harm to the environment and society through our operations. We use modern technology and act to reduce our use of resources that harm the environment or society.

  • Take great care of our society and environment
  • Minimize co-emissions in our daily operations by thinking about our logistics choices, purchasing IT and office equipment.
  • Up to date with local authorities.